Rapid Access

When responding to 911 calls, Paramedics sometimes find themselves locked out because the patient’s condition has rendered them unable to unlock the door.  Because time is a critical factor in emergency medical situations, responders must enter the home forcibly, causing a delay in patient care and property damage that can be costly to repair.

Utilizing secure key boxes, we have developed the Rapid Access program to ensure that our Paramedics will be able to access your home quickly without causing damage.

SCCAD sells the key boxes at our headquarters building.  At the time of purchase, a representative will assist you in setting a code for your key box, and assure that it is entered in the county-wide computer database.  If you call 911, your information will be visible to the dispatcher, who will provide it securely to the Paramedics who respond.

Installation assistance is available at no cost.  To learn more, call 636.344.7600.