Honor Guard

honor guard banner

St. Charles County Ambulance District Honor Guard was founded in April, 2007 after recognizing that there were very few EMS Honor Guards present in Missouri. Today, our Honor Guard is proud to be one of the only exclusive EMS Honor Guards that serve in this state. Currently, our Honor Guard is comprised of 15 dedicated paramedics who participate regularly in training and events. The Honor Guard is very busy throughout the year with funerals, conferences and PR events. The Mission of our Honor Guard is fivefold:

1.     To Honor fallen comrades with dignity and respect;

2.     To reflect pride and dedication in our profession by representing our district;

3.     To create unity among other public service agencies in our area;

4.     To raise public awareness of EMS and the services we provide;

5.     To provide honor guard service to local EMS agencies when requested.

St. Charles County Ambulance District is available to assist all departments and organizations with funeral and ceremonial requests. Please contact the Honor Guard Commander at [email protected] for further information or any questions you may have.

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