District Begins Critical Care Transport Program

In 2018, SCCAD managed over 9,000 inter-facility transfers. The Transfer Division handles numerous patient logistics such as: hospital-to-skilled nursing facility, assisted living, independent living, or private residence. Moreover, the Division oversees transport from hospital-to-hospital for situations beginning in St. Charles County. With the inception of our Critical Care Transport program, the new service line focuses on inter-facility transfers of patients who require additional services / care outside St. Charles County and of a higher acuity. The new service line’s primary objective is to extend the same terrific care established at the point-of-origin en route to the destination facility. Often times, patients who are admitted to an area Emergency Department or Intensive Care Unit are managed with medications and / or interventions outside the scope of the Standard Paramedic Curriculum. Paramedics who undergo Critical Care education are taught similar concepts and procedures as intensive care nurses and respiratory therapists.

Critical Care Paramedics possess a national Critical Care credential. As with any new service line, special attention has been paid to a multitude of aspects such as: operations, logistics, training, quality assurance, and communication. According to Chief Taz Meyer, “Successful Critical Care Transport operations is only obtainable through effective collaboration with area Healthcare systems. We highly value our relationships with BJC and SSM. Through our partnerships, we believe our Critical Care Transport capabilities will result in favorable patient outcomes especially in those high-acuity situations. We have looked forward to this moment of launching operations of a Critical Care nature for many years and we are excited to begin offering this new level of service to the community! ” The Paramedic Critical Care Specialist will staff a quick response vehicle, which will respond simultaneously with a SCCAD Transfer Division Ambulance. The two assets will form a Critical Care Ambulance.