Ambulance Fee Structure

The following reflects the current ambulance service rates as adopted by the St. Charles County Ambulance District Board of Directors effective 02/01/2018.  The rates may not reflect actual charges due to contractual discounts based upon commercial or governmental payor plan participation.  Patient responsibility will depend upon applicable rate, plan, unmet deductibles, co-pays, other variables affecting patient responsibility, and ability to pay as determined by applicable SCCAD policy based on demonstrated financial hardship.

HCPCS CodeDescriptionResident RateNon-Resident Rate
A0426ALS-1 Non-Emergency Transport$650.00$813.00
A0428BLS Non-Emergency Transport$650.00$813.00
A0427ALS-1 Emergency Transport$945.00$1,181.00
A0429BLS Emergency Transport$945.00$1,181.00
A0433ALS-2 Emergency Transport$1,008.00$1,260.00
A0434SCT Critical Care Transport$1,008.00$1,260.00
A0425Mileage, Loaded$15.00$15.00
A0998Response, Evaluation and/or Treatment. No Transport.$650.00$650.00
A0999Helicopter Standby$200.00$200.00